Polyester Filter Bags

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Polyester Filter Bags/PE felt filter bags/ Polyester dust collector filter bags/PE filter bags
1. Detailed Description Of Polyester Filter Bags
Weight: 350-650g
Working Temperature: 130-150?
Basic Finish treatment: singed, calendered, heat set
Functional treatment: water and oil repellent, anti-static, ptfe lamination or membrane.
-Filter bags for gas dust collector
Filter Shaker bags/Shaker Bags
Revers air filter bags/Filter bags for revers air
Pulse Jet filter bags
Envelope filter bags
Filter bags for special working conditions

Size: diameter 100 mm, 125 mm, 130 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, 250 mm etc...
Any length is available. Special size is customizable.
Process Method: sewing or welded

Bag top and bottom types:
1. Raw top(Fold in top)
2. Flange top
3. Double beaded snap band top
4. Cuff bottom
Woven Fiberglass filter bag top and bottom types:
1. Cap top+ Snap band bottom
2. Cap top+ Anti collapse rings+ Cuff bottom

2. Features Of Polyester Filter Bags
-Economic material
-normal temperature resistant
-Made of 100% virgin polyester fiber
-Acid resistance: normal
-Alkali resistance: normal
-one fabric which is used most widely
3. Technical Data of Polyester Filter Bags
500gsm polyester needle punched felt
Construction Needle felt
Fibre Composition Polyester
Scrim Composition Polyester
Felt Area Weight 500g/m2(±5%)
Thickness 1.8-1.9 mm
Mean Air Permeability 10-15 m3/m2/min@12.7mmH2O
Breaking Strength-MD(warp) 900 N / 5 cm
Breaking Strength-CMD(weft) 1300 N / 5 cm
Breaking Elongation( N/5 cm)-MD(warp) 20%
Breaking Elongation( N/5 cm)-CMD(weft) 40%
Dry Shrinkage MD(130?warp) <1.5 %
Dry Shrinkage CMD(130?weft) <1.5 %
Operating Temperatures <130 deg C
Recommended Maximum Continuous 130 deg C
Recommended Maximum Surge 150 deg C
Finish Heat set, singed, calendered.
4. Applications Of Polyester Filter Bags
As filter bags, Polyester Filter Bags are widely use in Industry of Steel, Chemical, Waste incineration, Cement, Construction material, Thermoelectricity.
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