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Here at Allen Dental, we offer an array of products and services to meet all of your dental needs. From Orthodontic treatments, teeth whitening, cosmetic solutions, and same day ceramic crowns (CEREC), we offer the latest technology to deliver high-quality dentistry for your entire family. You’ll notice we’ve added some features to our practice that do make us stand out from the crowd such as:
Massaging dental chairs with ultra-soft leather covering
Beverage center in reception area with coffee, cocoa, tea, and more
Plush chairs and Cable TV in our reception area
Sirius Satellite Radio and cable TV in each treatment room
Kid’s play area with toys, puzzles, and more
Vistaclear water purification system in all treatment rooms
Digital x-rays for less radiation than standard dental x-rays
Shuttle service to all schools in the village of West Salem
Date JoinedTuesday, January 24, 2017 8:07:14 AM
LocationUnited States, Wisconsin, La Crosse County, West Salem

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