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Services - other - Computer and data processing services, Protective and security services
Ascertain Intelligence Solutions is global company with the industry’s leading technology-enabled Information Security, Intelligence & Investigation Services and Solutions provider. Ascertain Solutions is an independent business division of Orion group, headquartered in New Delhi, India, that specializes in delivering global solutions for Information Security, Investigation, Intelligence, Risk Management and Cyber Forensics.

Ascertain prides itself in supporting companies stay protected in the information environment. Our expertise team (CFE, Forensic Accountants, Prosecutors, Law Enforcement Officers and Agents, and Investigators), via proprietary technology enabled processes, offering world standard solutions, giving uninterrupted operations and better value for your money.

Our clients range from private organizations and government sectors to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and third sector associations each being offered varying solution/service interests such as business intelligence, corporate frauds investigations, electronic and technical surveillance, vulnerability assessment, private investigation, social media fraud investigations, legal investigation services (including forensics), cyber crime investigation, penetration testing, incident response, removal of defamatory contents, executive protection and many more.
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LocationIndia, NCT, Central Delhi, Karol Bagh

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