Anthony Wehbe, DO

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As a board certified Internist, I am trained to treat adults with various illnesses. My practice as a Hospitalist focuses on inpatient medicine, treating a person from the moment they are admitted to the hospital until they are discharged. I coordinate the patient's care and ensure they are being treated appropriately during their hospital stay. Acute inpatient diseases span all aspects of medicine, from heart attacks and strokes to diabetes and hypertension management. When necessary, we use consultants to ensure the patient is getting the best possible care available. Once the patient leaves the hospital, care is subsequently followed up with outpatient primary care doctors and other specialists. I believe communication is the key to any treatment plan, which ultimately results in better health care. I am always available to review your diagnosis, treatment plans, and follow ups. Please feel free to reach me at any time.
Date JoinedTuesday, April 18, 2017 5:02:42 AM
LocationUnited States, New Jersey, Camden County, Stratford
Phone(856) 346-6500

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