Abrar Raza Sayeed, MD

Health and personal care - Medical care
Dr. Sayeed believes that medicine is one of the best ways to serve humanity and that it is best practiced when our focus is towards a patient-centered approach in the delivery of medical care. Dr. Sayeed's approach is not just about solving the medical disease and alleviating the suffering of his patients. He believes that approaching this same goal by understanding the impact the disease has on his patients from the psychological, social and behavioral standpoint is of utmost importance.This helps in formulating a unique approach towards each patient and delivering the best possible care for them taking careful account of each patient's circumstances. In this way, Dr. Sayeed seeks to develop a unique professional relationship with his patients and in turn serve the community to the best of his abilities.
Date JoinedTuesday, April 18, 2017 11:16:34 PM
LocationUnited States, Indiana, Elkhart County, Goshen
Phone(574) 533-7476

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