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"Whiting Law Group focuses on personal injury law and litigation. Our successful team of proven personal injury lawyers in Chicago and Wisconsin represent victims involving personal injury, trucking accidents, automobile accidents, construction accidents, wrongful death and medical malpractice actions.

Whiting Law Group understands how the harm caused by the negligent conduct of others affects our clients and their loved ones. We strive to reduce the stress, trauma and hassles of seeking justice so that our clients may focus on their health and their families in their time of hardship.

Our expertise, experience and aggressive approach extend to every client, regardless of how large or small the case. It is our goal that all of our clients will give us their highest personal recommendation.

Whiting Law Group has obtained recoveries in 96% of all our cases, and the firm has earned over $120 million in recoveries for our clients in just over a decade. We consistently resolve those same cases in 12-24 months. We’re proud of the fact that 90% of our clients are referred to us by lawyers and clients as a result of our success.


Chicago Personal Injury,
Chicago Trucking Accidents,
Chicago Automobile Accidents,
Chicago Construction Accidents,
Chicago Medical Malpractice,
Chicago Wrongful Death,
Chicago Workplace Injuries,
Chicago Workers Compensation,
Chicago Nursing Home Abuse


Whiting Law Group, Ltd.
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