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Acrofab was established as an organization adept in the manufacture and supply of a qualitative range of Acrylic Products in the year 1984. Our experience in the industry has led us to successively manufacture our infallible products among which Acrylic Machine Covers, Housing for Equipment and Acrylic Display Stand have earned us a wide base of clients. Each product that we manufacture is created using high quality polycarbonates and reacting agents that combine together through various chemical and mechanical processes to produce our final products. Each client of ours receives their requirement in a customized fashion to attain the fulfillment of their requirements in a personalized manner. Each person that deals with our organization receives utmost dedication from our ends as we value each client and strive to maintain beneficial business relationships on a mutual ground.

Our industrial premise consists of various departments that function together as a unit for optimum production capability. Our manufacturing department is where all our products are created using high quality raw materials selected from reputed vendors in the market. There on, the quality control division takes on the responsibility of checking each batch for functional aspects and dimensional accuracy under industrially approved testing procedures. We ascertain a set standard for quality before forwarding each product on to the warehousing division where each product is labeled and assigned a serial number for easy identification and dispatch. All the dispatched items are shipped off to our individual clients as per the requirement of products that they demanded within short delivery periods. Our exceptional transportation facilities ensure regular shipment of products at continued paces.
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