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Agira is into software solutions that address the needs of the changing industry. With Agira’s expertise and customer oriented services in areas such as Web, Mobile, Cloud, Open Source Frameworks, Consulting and Future Technologies, Agira helps clients to make their vision/dream come into existence.

Agira has delivered sentinel solutions to clients across various industries and geographies including United States of America, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia and India. Agira has superior technical capabilities in technologies including but not limited to Ruby on Rails, GoLang, Laravel, Symfony, MEAN Stack, PHP frameworks and Javascript frameworks. The Mobile application team in Agira has demonstrated their mobile application development skills in iOS & Android native platforms and hybrid platforms.

Agira has Full Stack Developers who are hands-on experts in providing solutions to the complex business process implementations. DevOps resources of Agira have good working knowledge of Cloud Platforms like Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Lynode and EngineYard.

Agira expends its technical capabilities to provide software solutions for Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Big Enterprises. With the Prototyping, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Full Blown Product Building and management capabilities, and along with process excellence, Agira helps its customers to reach their goals with very minimal time and budget variations. Agira follows Agile and Rapid Agile mode of execution and guidelines for all the projects.

Agira is having excellent experience on performing Legacy Revitalization i.e migrating an as-is business functionalities of legacy systems to modern cloud based web and mobile applications. These new applications will be having high-performance, easy to use applications designed in order to respond quickly to suit the present day’s business needs.

Agira is having a good track record on Rescue project execution also. A Rescue Project is an assignment, which is not completed as per the product road-map and hits the roadblock due to lack of assignment specific critical skills such as technical expertise, knowledgeable developers, service integration capabilities and solution scaling-up. will throw more light on its services and credentials.
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