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Services - other - Consulting services, eCommerce services, Graphic and commercial design
Amaxza Digital Inc. is a specialized Mobile Application Development Company that also provides web design, social media and e-commerce solutions to clients across the globe. Having developed high end technical projects like Word of mouth (WOM), Dietbet, cata-black, Raveco etc, Amaxza Digital has made its mark in the online app development industry and continues to do so as it caters to more clients coming its way to get their projects done with experts within proposed deadlines and exactly as required by them. At Amaxza Digital, we not only work to complete the project, we actually work to create a seamless mobile app experience for the client and their customers.
Date JoinedMonday, March 7, 2016 7:21:59 AM
LocationUnited States
Phone(516)­ 584-2122­

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