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Transactional Analysis Training whether it is for personal or professional development is gaining the attention of worldwide people as the best way of improving life quality. Its application has been observed in different fields such as educational, organizational, counseling, and more. If you are interested in this training program that helps to improve the communicational or behavioral pattern, develop professional skills, and personality, best thing is to join the training given by renowned first Training Transactional Analyst Practitioner Anna Chandy.

Any person who wish to adjust the life or career changes, become a good communicator, learn for enhance learning, build the professional expertise or get insight to themselves towards enhancing strength can contact the great Transactional Analysis trainer Anna Chandy. She has a keen interest in providing training and adult education through experiential workshops that are enabling, perceptive, and non-invasive. Her ability to work with the clients from diverse cultural settings has made her one of the trusted and well known trainer organizing various training programs in India assist by globally famous Transactional Analysis trainers and practitioners.
Date JoinedThursday, December 22, 2016 5:24:06 AM
LocationIndia, Karnataka, Bangalore
Phone098455 96277

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