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Annapurna Enterprises has been an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and supplier of a unique range of Tarpaulin Poly Bags ever since the year 1992. Our commitment towards providing our clients with unmatched products including Woven Fabrics, Flour Bags and HM HDPE Bags including other products of varying specifications dates back two decades. Our products still continue to be of exceptional quality while proving to be functional over long periods of usage. Each product that we offer our clients is constructed using high quality raw materials which are procured from trusted sources of vendors. We maintain a strict check on the quality of each product we forward to our client, eliminating any room for redundancies. Our valued clients are our priority for a fruitful business development and we strive to achieve more such effective association for assured mutual growth.

Our organization has been centrally located within a strategic industrial premise. Within our organizational boundaries, we have established amenities of infrastructural excellence required for the continued growth and progress of our organization. All the departments within our organization are segregated as per the specific roles and responsibilities each follows. Our experienced workers combine their efforts to help improve the overall productivity of our production line under an officiated chain of command. Our manufacturing division possesses high-tech machinery and technological advantages that enable us to manufacture impeccable products on a large scale. Each product is carefully tested for redundancies and only the most perfect end product is forwarded on to the client.
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