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From a modest beginning in 1988, the Accurate Scientific International has catapulted to zenith in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Strength of Material Lab Instruments, Civil Engineering Lab Equipments and Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments for destructive and non-destructive tests of materials. ASI was founded by Late Sh. C K Anand with a vision of innovation and high capability in modern technologies. The company has its own marketing division "ASI' Sales Pvt. Ltd" blessed with dedicated team with an exposure to international standards like ASTM, BS, DINJIS etc.

ASI equipments are well known for their robust design, long effective life, highest quality, fine accuracy and trouble free performance. The company has its in-house production unit at 51 Rama Road New Delhi- I5. At source and in-plant inspections of purchased products are stringent enough to verify that in-coming materials meet the specifications. Work in progress (VVIP) inspection at work station ensure that input materials is behaving well during processing applications.
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