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Salesforce Continuous integration, is difficult, to sync the code integrations made by developers who are geographically scattered. This makes the whole process of code integration a manual process and time consuming.
With AutoRABIT, Salesforce continuous integration is a breeze. With AutoRABIT you can sync the code of the developers that are spread across geographical locations. You can also update your existing software development workflow and it ensures selective feature deployment, synchronization of geographically spread sandboxes, synchronization of code deployment, release tagging and committing to version control. A code coverage report can be generated in AutoRABIT that provides information about the apex tests that were run, the classes that were covered, and the assertions that have failed and provides a percentage of the code that is covered by the test execution. as a development platform has been appreciated well for its ease of use in developing applications faster. But, it lacked the finesse in version control system support , Sandbox management , automation of the release management activities like packaging , deployments , data loading tasks etc.,
Salesforce release management is not completely synced and had many hurdles that have to be overcome for seamless release management.

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