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Vientiane is perhaps one of the most charming capital cities you will ever visit. Located on the Mekong River, across the water from Thailand, Vientiane has plenty of things to see and do and if you usually find yourself fleeing capital cities, you may find that it is the exception. For a capital it’s a pretty relaxing place to stay, particularly if you have been travelling in more off-the-beaten-track type places using your bike. Many visitors enjoy spending a couple of days in this city.

Many areas of Laos are still secrets with travellers in the world thanks to its rich and well-reserved resources. It is so laid back and relaxed. Blessed with magnificent mountainous areas and a traveller friendly atmosphere, Laos becomes a gift need to be opened. What is the better way to explore Laos than a fascinating bike or cycle trip?

Bicycles are perhaps the best way to get around the city. Most guest’s houses and hotels can arrange bike rental for around thousand kip for a regular-type bikes. Although the city's flat terrain makes for good biking, one-way streets can be difficult to identify. Despite of the poor standard of local driving, cycling is fairly safe in the city because the traffic is quite slow (maybe because of the condition of the roads). But take extra care when the roads are wet, because many are unsurfaced (even in the city centre), and they can be muddy and slippery - innocent-looking puddles sometimes conceal deep potholes.

Every biker can reconfirm, Vientiane Bike Tour is the most attractive cycling activity in Laos. With its colonial architecture, tree-lined roads, ancient beautiful temples, it remains a mystery to all!

The Plain of Jars is one of Southeast Asia's most important archaeological sites, but one with cycling information in Laos more questions than answers. Located in one the most heavily bombed places on earth it is steeped in wartime history.
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