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The tools we’ve just mentioned are called ED medications. Their number increases day by day while their characteristics remain approximately the same. Still there is one ED medication which stands separately from others of this type due to its duration of action which is extremely long – up to 36 hours! The effect from an ED medication has never been longer! The medication with such incredible characteristics is called Cialis. It works with the help of it active component – tadalafil – which is aimed at blocking the chemical phosphodiesterase produced by our body. Normally it is needed to control the action of another chemical – cyclic GMP – responsible for erection. But when the body produces too much of phosphodiesterase it narrows blood vessels in penis thus making increase in blood pressure impossible. As we know if blood pressure doesn’t rise erection can’t be achieved. So if our body produces cyclic GMP all we need to do is to control its blocker – phosphodiesterase. And this is what Cialis does when we take its tablet.
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