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Petite women have real problems when it comes to fashion, not only to fit their tiny frame but also to create a pretty look. Small women often resort to buying their clothes from the children's wear department just to get the right fit. This can make it very difficult to achieve a elegant look. If you shop carefully you can find clothes that play up your delicate beauty.

Shop at the beginning of the season as there is more chance of your size being in stock. Look for imported clothes as they often have a close-to-the-body cut that is good for short, small and pretty women. A single breasted blazer is always the best shape.

For a more elongated line, keep shoes and stockings in the same color tone as your skirt. Look for the simplest, classic lines and remember that the best shoe height for everyday is a medium one.

Stay away from bulky or big styles as they will overwhelm you. Pick small prints, big ones will dwarf you. And look for separates rather than dresses, it will be easier to get a good fit.

When you want a dress consider a wrap style as it doesn't have a definite waistline and won't create a problem. A shirtwaist is also a good style as are straight leg pants with a snug fit that elongates the body.

For casual shoes wear espadrilles (not flats) as they add height. Do not wear hip huggers or buggy pants, too tapered or short pants legs. Stay away from oversized jewelry, it will clutter and weigh you down.

Of course, buying a swimsuit, no matter what your figure, height or weight, is always a trauma. Any figure can look great and look like a model in a bathing suit if you pick the style with care. If you're short or have short legs your best choice is a high-cut leg in a one-piece or a two-piece suit. A suit with a vertical pattern or stripes is another plus. The cut-up suit gives a very long, flattering line that does wonders.
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