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Appraiser Dashboard, a real estate appraisal management software enables appraisers to schedule and track your real estate appraisal very easily.
Appraiser Dashboard eliminates the communication delay in the appraisal process & provides security for the data.
Appraiser Dashboard easily integrates with most appraisal management software (AMS) and loan origination software (LOS) systems. In lieu of a software-to-software integration, Appraiser Dashboard provides push email updates to any user-designated AMC or lender partner. AMCs and lenders can integrate their software with Appraiser Dashboard in less than one week.

Appraiser Dashboard’s namesake technology eliminates the most common delay faced by lenders and AMCs in the appraisal process. Built specifically for appraisers based on extensive research, Appraiser Dashboard is the first and only appraiser-facing workflow and networking technology that automatically updates lenders and AMCs on each step of the appraiser’s efforts to complete the appraisal.
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